How We Work

The choice will always be yours.

The Door and Window Consultants specializes in consulting and installation of door and windows. We help you narrow your choices down that would be best for your needs, based on style, function, exposure to elements, desired enhancements, and of course, your budget. Most importantly, we provide good reasons for every recommendation we make – and will discuss that with you for the best desired outcome.

Replacing your old drafty doors and windows is a little like trying to put a puzzle together without having all the pieces. You may have:

  • Looked at every advertisement that came in the mail
  • Listened to high-pressure sale presentations
  • Spent long hours in a showroom admiring the doors and windows that you were too afraid to touch or couldn’t afford
  • Picked up a dozen brochures and went home to make a decision, except… you couldn’t, because there were too many choices and not enough information to make the right decision
  • Found it impossible to make a sensible comparison in what you really want verses what you really need
  • There has to be a better way to go about this. And there is, by having a consultation before buying.

How our consultation works

  • First, call our courteous staff to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment
  • The appointment can be in your own home, we will discuss your desired outcome and take detailed notes and accurate measurements in order to advise you on how your vision can be accomplished
  • We will point out factors you may be unaware of – all the things that need to be considered in getting the job done right and will develop the details of your proposed project
  • Drawing from a wealth of personal knowledge and experience, we will discuss with you the possible options and solutions to reach the best results
  • We will compile the necessary information for creating an estimate based on information that was provided during the visit and will give you suggestions to where you can see and touch the actual product

The Consultation

In the comfort of your own home, we will review the scope of work and discuss your vision and desired outcome. Take time to consider how you want the end result of your project to look. This is the time to dream and use your imagination. If you are someone who simply cannot visualize the finished product, we can make recommendations to turn your vision into a beautiful reality. We take detailed notes and accurate measurements so that we can advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

The Estimate

We will compile the necessary information for creating an estimate based on the information that was provided during your consultation and will give you a list of places to where you can see and touch the actual product. Once you have narrowed your options down to a firm choice, we will email a detailed estimate that includes pricing for installation. We can assist in ordering the products and materials or you can do that on your own. It is entirely your decision! Combine the material cost with your installation cost for a complete estimate.

Our estimates are generally for installation only and will be emailed within 24 hours. Estimates for installation that includes products and materials take longer.

If you need more information or a revision to your estimate, our staff is available to provide that for you – including a second visit, if necessary.

Sometimes the budget may say, “Wait a while.” If that happens, we work with you. The precise measurements for your project and all details are kept on file until you are ready to move forward in confidence. Keep in mind, yearly price increases for product and labor.

Other factors that may affect your decision could be homeowner association approval. We can provide written letters to homeowner associations, detailed CAD drawings for your architect, coordinate efforts of a group of homeowners in order to give everyone the advantage of the “economy of scale” by having all of the work done at the same time.

How our installation works

All phases of the installation will be coordinated with your consultant, from the initial demolition to installation, completion and cleanup.


Once you have made your decision, you can order the products through your vendor of choice, or The Door and Window Consultants. Since you are ordering custom materials, whether you buy direct from the supplier or have us buy the materials for you, a deposit will be required. After the time of payment, we will determine when the products and materials will arrive, which could take several weeks. We will keep you informed of the approximate delivery date.


Once an installation deposit is given, we will put you on the schedule on the approximate date to be narrowed down as delivery is verified.

Depending on the scope of work, it could be done in a day or it could take several weeks. We make every effort to provide you with an accurate time for your installation and do our best to be there on the agreed upon time. Some delays are out of our control, such as rain. When a delay does occur, we work hard to make up for lost time and there may be a setback to some degree. We do our best to keep you informed and work with your schedule so the job is done in a timely manner.


Door and window installation can be a messy business. Our workmen are trained to keep their work area as clean as possible during any demolition and construction. When they leave the job site, they are expected to clean up, remove and dispose of all debris.

Wrapping it up

We often take photos of different stages of your job and would be pleased to provide them to you on request.

Toward the end of your job the field supervisor will inform you of the crew(s) approximate completion time. It is important to walk through and view the scope of completion. Upon our completion, any outstanding balance is due.


We are licensed, certified, bonded and insured and members of the Better Business Bureau. We will provide proof of that if requested, and will provide certificates of liability insurance, as well as, naming you as additionally insured, while your job is in progress.

We work with you on putting all the pieces together: the ordering, the timing, the tracking, the scheduling and the installation. If ever there are any questions regarding your materials or your installation, we encourage you to call us immediately. The same friendly service is yours from your first call to your last.

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WHY USE The Door and Window Consultants, Inc?

  • We are CSLB licensed general  contractors and hold a C-17 glazing license
  • We are 21+ year veterans of the door and window business
  • After completing tens of thousands of successful jobs, we have ZERO complaints against our license.
  • We are factory certified.
  • We are fully insured, including liability and worker's comp
  • Job site is cleaned & secured on a daily basis.
  • Full time office and warehouse staff to serve you
  • Complete turn-key service includes job tracking.
  • FREE onsite consultation
  • A+ rated by BBB

We are:

  • AAMA certified
  • CIM certified
  • Waterproofing certified
  • Motorization trained
  • Factory trained
  • Fully experienced
  • Covering all Southern California

Your team did a superb job, they sure are gentlemen, dedicated, hardworking and very pleasant and caring.

May GOD bless you all with good health and success.

Thank you. – Al


We are highly satisfied with the work. It has exceeded our expectations. Team Leader, Richard and his crew were exceptional. They not only executed a difficult job, but they have taken the greatest care in protecting our floors and furniture in the process and have gone out of their way to make staying in our home during construction as painless as possible. This reflects impressively on the company and its employees. Thanks to all involved in the project. – John F.