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Although our specialty is door and window installation, we find that some of our customers prefer that we deliver a complete turnkey package.

In a normal door or window installation, we first create the “rough openings”. Those rough openings need to be finished off before your job is complete. This may require one or more of the finishing touches we offer as part of our service.

  • Drywall: Although we are careful to cut back only as much as necessary to install the window or door, there usually will be minor amounts of drywall repair. Our drywall expert matches texture and finish, as well as, creating bullnose corners when requested. This sort of detailing is painstaking work, but, when finished, the drywall will look as though it has always been there.
  • Stucco: With so many homes having stucco exteriors, we rarely have a window job that does not require stucco repair. We are fortunate to have master technicians that will matche texture so perfectly you would think it has never been disturbed.

Many of our customers have asked that we apply plantons (raised areas) around the windows before we repair the stucco. Plantons can add dramatic architectural detail, drawing attention to a window or just visually accenting a plain stucco wall. Either one can have stunning results.

  • Baseboards and crown moulding: Nothing says “finishing touch” quite so well as base and crown moulding. Add the “fine painting” and you have an eye popping enhancement that is sure to beautify your home.
  • Interior Trim Work: Many windows and doors can be given a very classy modern or traditional look by adding the right trim, stool, or apron and casing. If matching the existing is required, we can do that, too!

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Victor just left after spending the whole day on stucco and drywall finishes. He is amazing! Unfailingly polite, unbelievable work that I haven’t had the chance to see in my 20 years as a homeowner. He always told me when he was leaving for his short lunches, asked me and my wife’s opinion on how it looked and if there was anything else he could do. He swept up and you could not tell he was here when he was done. I haven’t been this impressed since Julio and company installed the front and rear doors.

Congratualtions on having a complay with such wonderful employees. Oh! I forgot to mention how Gabrielle always followed through on returning call and scheduling the team. – Bob H.