New Construction

Although the term, “new construction” leads you to believe this refers to building a new structure, in this case it refers to the way the window or door is installed. Typically, when a home is newly built, the framing is probably wooden studs. The window is surrounded by a flange, also known as, a nail fin. This nail fin sits against the outside of the structure and the installer attaches the window by correctly applying the flashing, and placing nails or screws through the holes in the nail fin and into the structure behind. An exterior building barrier is then applied around and up to the frame of the window. This is a little more invasive than the retrofit, since the exterior materials (trim, stucco, siding, flashing) are all removed to expose the wood studs. The window is then installed, as it would have been when newly constructed, and will require some repair work around the perimeter of the window. One of the advantages of this kind of installation is that it:

  • Increases the view space
  • Gives the window or door the appearance it was installed when the home was built
  • Gives better insulation from cold/heat
  • Gives better insulation against sound
  • Waterproofing is much more secure
  • Increases the value of the home much more than retrofitting
  • Provides an opportunity to check for any hidden structural damage, such as water rot and termites
  • Allows the installer to minimize any air leaks around the existing framing and the new window (this cannot be accomplished with a retrofit installation)

The nail fin installation takes more time, and often is more costly than other types of installation. But well worth it!

As licensed general contractors, we are capable of handling all types of new construction, but we specialize in window and door installation. Today’s building industry offers many unique and specialized doors and windows, some of them jaw-dropping in their innovation. Proper installation technique for these precise engineered products requires specialized training to match the rigid requirements of the manufacturers. To better serve our clientele, we have taken special training (and certification whenever it is available) in the following disciplines:

  • AAMA certified
  • CIM certified
  • Waterproofing certified
  • Motorization trained
  • Factory trained and certified
  • C-17 glazing licensed
  • B license (general building)

We carry all necessary insurances including general liability and workers’ compensation.


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Thank you and your crew on a wonderful installation at my home. From the beginning with your consultation at the home, thru the installation and finishing work your company was number one.

Your crew are a talented group of men – polite – trustworthy and very efficient in leaving the job clean and safe each day. Your follow up and response to questions was at a professional level. The windows were given a great test in this last rain storm we had only days after the finishing work and not a problem. They are perfect and Thanks for your help in this great upgrade to my home. – Lyman A.