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Our teams are capable of taking your jobs from start to finish – from the first step of demolition to the final touches of paint and stucco. No need to hire half a dozen different trades – we can take care of it all!

Reconstruction may be nothing more than removing an existing door or window to replace it with another one of similar size, but, unlike retrofits, we will need to access the “moisture barrier” of your home, which often involves is redoing the perimeter of the opening on the exterior, and possibly part of the interior as well. Reconstruction may require reframing of the opening, sometimes enlarging it, sometimes changing the window opening to a door or vice versa. And sometimes the job is extensive enough to require engineering services, or specs that we may have in our “arsenal” already. Plumbing and wiring may be needed as part of the job, and at times, there is interior finish work, as well. We have experienced tradesmen who turn out a professional job.


Very few projects will yield more of an instant impact in your home than the installation of new doors and windows. Whether your decision is based on necessity, or the simple desire to brighten up your home, new windows and doors are a sound investment, and one that will pay dividends in satisfaction for years to come.

The choices available for your home are many and varied. As consultants, it is our job to show you how to narrow the field by evaluating the factors that apply to your specific situation.

Start by Evaluating your project

We recommend you consider the following:

Architectural Style: Unless you are undergoing a complete revamp of your home, it is usually best to match your renovation to the style of the home. For example, you would probably not want to put a sleek, modern door on a hacienda style Spanish home. Your best choices would most likely be harmonious with the rest of the home, matching quality as well as style. In fact, a dramatic departure from style can often result in a decrease of potential value rather than the investment you would hope to have made.


  • Are you trying to improve, or expand your view? Remember views are worth money!
  • Is it a high traffic area?
  • Are you changing swing of a door?
  • Does it need to slide instead of swing?
  • Are you adding a door where there was none?
  • Are you replacing a window with a door, or vice versa?
  • Is ambient light a factor for you?
  • Greater air circulation?

These are all elements of function that will need to be considered in making your decisions.

Budget: A consultation should be one of the first steps in the process, and our preliminary consultation is always free and without obligation. The overall cost of your job can vary greatly according to the type and quality of the materials and the kind of installation that will be required. But there are a few things you can consider in preparation for the preliminary consultation:

  • If you are considering substantial structural changes, are there existing blueprints available?
  • Will it be necessary to change any plumbing or wiring, AC or heating vents?
  • Are there hidden structures that complicate things? (ie flag pole supports, seismic supports)
  • Are you subject to HOA rules, and if so, do you know what their requirements are? Will your job require HOA approval?
  • Are there structural changes involved that require engineering?
  • Do you plan to occupy the home during the construction process? Can your pets be secured for their safety?
  • Are you planning to get a permit?

The consultant may ask other questions to help you develop your preliminary plan.

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Randall is very knowledgeable of his business, careful in the application of his skills, and has built a team of qualified and accomplished craftsmen as his crew. We are pleased to refer Randall to work with many of our customers, and do so without reservation, know- ing that he offers a quality installation and will stand behind his work. – Builders Window Supply – SD

I can confidently recommend The Door and Window Consultants as a solid and reliable installer. Randy is an expert in his field, and has very high standards of himself and his employees. I would not hesitate to use them again. – C.B.

I would like to express my appreciation for your company’s quick installation of our new windows. The installers were very pleasant, quick and cleaned up so well, I had nothing to do but put my things back in place. – Juanita & Jan