Take Your Doors to New Heights…and Widths!

Have you ever wished you could expand your living space without doing a remodel?  Love bringing the outdoors in and your indoor living out?  Have a great patio that doesn’t get much use because it just isn’t convenient?  Love entertaining but hate being stuck in the kitchen? Ever wish you could double your space when you have a party?  A folding wall could make your wishes come true!

While this is not a project to be undertaken lightly, it is one that can allow you to get a whole lot more living out of your home with a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.  Imagine having the space to use when you need it, and ignoring it when you don’t.  Imagine not having to heat it, cool it, furnish it or vacuum it.  Imagine being able to slide that entire wall out of the way and use your patio and family room or living room as one – you could invite the whole neighborhood!

How is it done?  Floor to ceiling panels of glass lock together for security and unlock so they can smoothly glide out of the way when the party starts.  With no walls or doors to separate groups from each other, your guests are free to mingle without missing a beat!  There is no greater way to entertain.  And when the party’s over, just glide that wall back into place and leave the outside out there.

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