HOW A CONSULTATION WORKS: It starts with a phone all to our friendly and courteous staff.  Our office is manned Monday – Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. (and often later) to take your call, discuss your needs and schedule an appointment.

THE VISIT: The consultant comes to your home at the appointed time to review the scope of your job, take detailed notes and accurate measurements (known as a presite). He asks you to describe the end result you want to achieve and then advises you on how that can be accomplished and the reasons behind his advice.

WHAT’S NEXT: The presite is brought to the office where our staff assembles the necessary information for creating your estimate.   If the estimate is for installation only, it is emailed within 24 hours.  If  the estimate is for materials and installation, we assemble the quotes we have and then email your estimate – usually within 48 hours.

AND THEN WHAT? You make your decision.  You may need more information.  You may need a revision.  You may have other factors that affect your decision, such as homeowner association approval.  The office staff is available to discuss those things with you and provide the information you need – including a second visit by the consultant.  We have written letters to homeowner associations, provided detailed CAD drawings for your architect, coordinated the efforts of a group of homeowners in order to give them the advantage of the “economy of scale” by having their work done at the same time.

ORDERING: Since you are ordering custom materials, whether you buy direct from the supplier or have us buy for you, a deposit will be required.  That can be in the form of a check, Mastercard or Visa.  At the time of payment we will ask for an estimation of when the materials will arrive.  (We do not schedule installation until the materials have been received, complete and undamaged.)

SCHEDULING: We make every effort to provide you with a “time certain” for your installation and will do our best to be there on time and ready to work.  Some delays are out of our control, such as rain.  When a delay occurs we work hard to make up the time, but it does set everything back to some degree.  We do our best to keep you informed and work with your schedule as well as our own.

SECURITY: We are licensed, bonded and insured and members of the Better Business Bureau.  We will provide proof of that if requested, and will provide certificates of liability insurance as well as naming you as additionally insured while your job is in progress.

CLEANUP: Door and window installation can be a messy business.  Our workmen are trained to keep their work area as clean as possible during any demolition and construction.  When they leave the jobsite, they are expected to clean up, remove and dispose of all debris.

WRAPPING IT UP: We often take photos of different stages of your job and would be pleased to provide them to you on request.

AFTER THE JOB: If ever there are any questions regarding your materials or your installation, we encourage you to call us immediately.  The same friendly, courteous service is yours from your first call to your last.