Q.  What is more important than the windows and doors you choose?


A. Choosing your installer.  Installation can make or break your project.  Whether it is a few hundred or a several thousand dollars you are spending to beautify your home, it is money wasted if you get a bad installation.


 An average window or door can be made to

 look even better by the right installation.


 The finest window or door can be

ruined by a poor installation.


Your choice of an installer is every bit as important as the door or window you choose.  Here are five key factors to be considered when making that critical decision.


1.  Is the installer licensed?  In the state of California, an installer of doors or windows must be licensed by Contractors License Board. Get the installer’s license number – and check him out!  It’s easy to do at


2.  What is the experience level of the installer?  Have they done installations like yours? Live in a high rise?  Be particularly careful there. It takes special skill and knowledge to handle jobs like these


3. Will they give you references and allow you to check them?  Can you inspect some of their installations?

3.  Are they bonded and insured?  Ask for an insurance certificate, check out their bond.  If they don’t have them, keep looking.  This is a protection for you.

5.  Will they listen to you, advise you on the right material for the job, help you accomplish what you want not what they sell or find easy to install? Only the right product for the job and the right installation for the product will give you satisfactory results that will last for years.

At The Door and Window Consultants, we have all of the above credentials and gladly provide them. With more than 25 years of installing windows and doors, there is very little we have not tackled.  From the smallest bathroom window to folding walls of glass, we have done them all.  From closet doors to magnificent “grand entrances” - we’ve done all of those, too.  Security doors, garden gates, commercial installations – we do it all and we do it well. We invite you to check out our photo gallery and see for yourself.

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