Make a Statement With a Designer Gate


Adding  a designer gate to your  home does more than enhance its curb appeal.  It does more than tell the world you have great taste…it does more than make your neighbors envious!  It does more than make a statement.  It is an investment in your future and your peace of mind at a relatively low cost when you consider all the purposes it fulfills.


1.  Keep kids and pets inside the yard.

2.  Keep unwanted visitors out.

3.  Establish one more barrier to intruders.


Got a nosey Nellie in your neighborhood?  Stop her at the gate!

Keep that space inside your fence yours, and yours alone! Only the invited are welcome, if you choose.


Nothing shows more curb appeal than the addition of a designer gate.  It comes  in many colors and designs from the simple to the intricate, the classic to the ornate.   Choose the one that best fits your unique style.  It gives that finishing touch to your hardscape plan and an added charm that can only be achieved with a gate like this.

Call us for complete information on the designer line of gates and matching doors – even double door and car gate configurations available.  Photos to follow in this space soon.  Call 858-598-5540.

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