A Door For Every Reason…And Every Taste!

Today’s choices in door products are vast and varied and, depending on your perspective, a shopper’s paradise or just plain confusing!   However, there are ways to narrow the field and make sure you get the right door  -  the one that has the look and feel you want and the one that will perform best in your home environment.


  • Wood doors - commonly used for centuries, wood doors continue to be one of the most popular choices for both interior and exterior applications.  Nearly any wood door will come in a variety of styles and finishes, bare for staining or primed for painting.  Wood doors require more maintenance to retain their original beauty, but many feel it is worth the effort.  There are some exposures where wood doors are not recommended.
  • Wood clad doors –   the beauty of  a wood door but clad with a layer of  vinyl or metal on the exterior, and the richness of wood on the interior.  This door will require less maintenance than all wood doors.
  • Fiberglass doors - one of the more recent entries on the door scene, this door comes in a variety of styles and colors, wood finishes so authentic it would be hard to distinguish from real wood.  They hold up very well under extreme elements of sun, rain and salt air exposure, and require minimal maintenance.
  • Vinyl doors – most often seen in sliding patio door or French door applications.  Vinyl comes in a small variety of colors, is very durable and requires little maintenance.
  • Aluminum doors – most often seen in sliding patio door applications.  Aluminum also has a few color choices, good durability, and low maintenance.  Salt air exposure does pose more maintenance issues to retain its clean good looks and function.
  • Glass doors – most often used in commercial applications, these can range from the functional utilitarian style to an elegant interplay of clear and frosted, artistically scuptured designs from geometric to free form.
  • Iron doors - some of the most dramatic and beautiful doors available are entry doors that combine heavy wood with iron fabrication and glass.  High impact, prestigious and impressive with great variety of styles.


Interior doors come in most of the above choices (with the exception of aluminum) and offer a few additonal ones:

  • MDF- medium density fiberboard.  This is a combination of hard and soft wood fibers, with a wax and resin binder.  This product is used in doors and mouldings, can be formed into intricate shapes, is very durable.
  • PVC – yes, plastic.  Light weight, used primarily where cleanability is a factor, such as hospitals.
  • HOLLOW CORE – Very light weight moulded to look like more expensive wood panel doors, paintable surface.
  • SOLID CORE – Heavier, available in many styles, more sound insulative.
  • LOUVER – Often used for closets, simulates the look of shutters and allows free circulation of air.  Comes in full louver or half  louver


Now is the time to call The Door and Window Consultants.  We listen to your needs and wants and discuss with you all the other factors you need to consider:

  • Architectural style of your home
  • Exposure to the elements, ie. prolonged sun, salt air, prevailing wind, damp shade
  • Exposure to noise factors, ie. freeway traffic, railroad, airport, high traffic streets, etc.
  • Structural elements of your home
  • Visual exposure – want more?  want less?

We then take accurate and detailed measurements and help you select the door that best meets your needs.   We will give you suggestions on where you might want to shop for the product, or we will shop for you.  We prepare a written estimate and email it to you, usually within 24 hours.

There is no better way to make this important decision. We come from the knowledge that your installation is at least 50% of the “satisfaction level” with your completed job.  Therefore, we help you avoid the pitfalls you may not have seen, we advise you of your choices, but you make the decisions.  We carry them out.  The end result:  a door you (and we) can be proud of!

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