It all starts with that idea in your mind..  It may be as simple as replacing that door with another just like it – or it may be knocking out a wall to capture that sunset view through great windows.

Now what?  What kind of door?  What kind of windows?  How much will it cost?  How long will it take?  Can it even be done?

Here’s where calling a consultant can make all the difference!

As consultants, we do not come to the appointment with a product to sell you.  Rather, we listen to you, make sure we understand what you want to accomplish.  Sometimes we make suggestions you may not have considered. Then we do a complete review of the jobsite with the following factors in mind:

  1. Overall construction – so we can tell you what is possible.
  2. Architectural style – so we can help your dream harmonize with the current look and feel of your home – or the one you are projecting.
  3. Exposure and environmental conditions – so we can suggest the products that will hold up best under those circumstances.
  4. Function – so we can make sure the application meets the needs you express to us.
  5. Cost – so we can help you set your budget or meet one you may have in mind.

After taking detailed measurements and notes, we then offer you some choices that put you in the driver’s seat – but if you don’t want to drive, we’ll  take over and do it all.

  • No high pressure sales
  • No pushing our product because we don’t have one!
  • You shop for the product & we give you suggestions about where to shop or
  • We shop for you
  • Get your written estimate via email, usually within 48 hours.

End result:  You are making an informed choice.  It’s the smart way to go!

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