About Us

I was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming and came to San Diego in 1980.  My Dad had been a contractor all of his life, and I learned many skills as I helped him remodel dozens of houses, build commercial buildings and do his very artistic signature stonework, a skill he learned from his father.

It was natural that I fell back on those skills when I began my working life in San Diego.  I worked for a number of different door companies and contractors, learning the trade very thoroughly.  I wasn’t pleased with the way I saw companies slapping things together and calling it good, so I decided to go out on my own.  I got my contractor’s license, knowing there was a better way to get the job done.

Throughout all these years, I saw the door and window business done under many different models, and I felt none of them were “customer friendly”, including some that I had tried myself.  But during all those years, I learned the door and window business inside out. I came to realize there was a serious disconnect in the way the door and window industry tried to meet the needs of the consumer. It was in that void that I have found the niche for my company.

When I saw, and heard from some of my own customers, how hard it was to get a truthful, user-friendly consultation, The Door and Window Consultants was born.

I don’t believe you should have to shoot in the dark when it comes to your door and window solutions.  I believe someone should tell you the truth about what is the best product…about whether or not you can put that door where the window was…about whether or not those new windows will cut the heat and cold and the noise from the freeway.  You deserve the opportunity to ask your questions without the salesperson looking over his shoulder for the next customer coming down the aisle that maybe doesn’t ask as many questions as you do!  I believe I should help you find the right solution for your job, not sell you on the solution that makes me the most money! It is that honesty that keeps my customers coming back.

I decided to tailor my business to meet the need I saw – and we haven’t stopped since.  Our business is built primarily on referral and repeat business, and we are doing our second and third jobs for some of these folks.

It was a great honor when we were chosen several months ago to do all the installations for Costco and Trusted Home Services for their security doors, designer doors and garden gates – a beautiful line of quality products made to order in Gilbert, Arizona. More recently we have been asked to take on the Allwood kitchen cabinet line, also from Costco and Trusted Home Services.  I am deeply honored to have this relationship with these fine companies, and pleased to continue our growth as a company through that relationship.